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upcoming workshops

Online (fall 2024)

Hosted with DigiSoc and TIGG

Ethical Games is partnering with KU Leuven Digital Society Institute and Thriving in Games Group (formerly Fair Play Alliance) to conduct a series of 2-3 workshops with the objective of advancing the creation of a code of ethics in the game industry. We are now looking for workshop participants:

If you are interested in participating in the upcoming workshops in fall 2024 (end of September for the 1st workshop at the earliest — precise dates to be confirmed with participants), or if you simply want to provide some feedback to feed the workshops, please fill out this form. Don’t hesitate to also suggest a person you know. And please spread the word!

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About Digisoc

The KU Leuven Digital Society Institute (DigiSoc) is an interdisciplinary institute that was founded in May 2021 as response to our university’s strong focus on interdisciplinarity, and the growing need for responsible technological innovation. DigiSoc joins the expertise of more than 60 professors of various KU Leuven research groups in Science, Engineering & Technology, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Biomedical Sciences, with the shared goal of enabling an inclusive digital society based on responsible, ethical and sustainable (use of) technologies.

About tigg

Thriving in Games Group (formerly Fair Play Alliance) empowers game developers worldwide with accessible tools and resources to cultivate thriving player communities. Drawing from a global network of hundreds of companies, we leverage deep industry knowledge and academic research to provide tailored best practices and development support for game studios of all sizes.

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Fall 2024

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This is a collaborative effort. Let’s improve ethics in the video game industry together. Please take a few minutes to read the guidelines draft and give us feedback. You can also sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about our progress!

please, contribute to this code of ethics

We hope to improve this
code of ethics with your participation and feedback