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Guidelines for the benefit of players and the overall game community:

Community & Events

  1. How can participants submit anonymous information?
  2. What actions will be taken by game publisher or organizers?
  3. How will conflict be resolved?
  4. How will victims be involved or notified of resolution?

Find an example of a code of conduct here.

Player Safety in Online Multiplayer Games


Dark patterns

A dark pattern describes a design with a purposely deceptive functionality that is not in users’ best interest (therefore incompatible with a UX mindset placing players and their well-being at the center of what we do). It’s about tricking or heavily influencing players into buying something (e.g. pay to win) or into playing more when they don’t necessarily intrinsically want to (e.g. using FOMO).

Bad UX

Users (players) are frustrated and accomplish actions that can be detrimental to them (such as buying the wrong item by mistake), but this experience is not intentional. The UX mindset is about identifying and prioritizing all UX issues to fix them.

Good UX

Users (players) are having fun and the studio can flourish without tricking players into buying more or playing more. It's a win-win situation. Having a UX mindset when developing and publishing a game means keeping players at the center of the process, and prioritizing their benefits over the business benefits of the company.


Local expectations include but is not limited to:
• Avoiding the use of stereotypes; i.e., cultural, national, ethnic, religious, gender, and so forth.
• Being aware of locale-specific content laws and restrictions; either incorporate those locale-specific needs in the core game design or allow for multiple versions as needed.
• As needed, sourcing experts and consultants from the communities being represented in the game.

Marketing, Business Intelligence & Monetization

Protection of minors

Guidelines for the benefit of game industry workers:

Company values

Workers protection

Diversity & Inclusion


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